Robot Reels – Robot Edition

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FIRST Robotics Competition
Time Limit:
60 seconds

Human Limit: 5
2 drivers (all must be students)
3 human assistants (maximum 1 adult)
Submission Limit:

Time to show off your truly creative side. Using any past FRC robot, make a video of your robot doing something fun that can go viral.

  1. Teams may use any FIRST Robotics Competition Robot 
      • Not limited to Infinite Recharge robots, feel free to do something cool with any past robot you may have
  2. Think of the videos that are being put out by influencers and content creators today. Use those for inspiration, and try and emulate them, except using an FIRST Robotics Competition robot.
  3. Examples include (but are not limited to):
      • Have your robot do a dance!
        • Pick a dance that’s already been done by humans and have your Robot do it somehow (e.g. Renegade)
      • Dress your robot up in a costume
      • Do a skit with the robot playing a character
      • Anything you can think of; they sky’s the limit here
  4. Set the video to music to add to the energy and hype
  5. Think of videos that have gone viral on various platforms. See if you can match that energy!
  6. While we want you to be creative, all actions must be safe. Please use your common sense when partaking in this challenge, and never put any participant at risk!
  7. Videos are limited to 60 seconds
  8. Entries to be judged based on creativity, energy, wow factor, and videography