The Trick Shot Challenge – Robot Edition

 Recommendations and Submission Requirements                         Prizes                            Judges                 Challenges
FIRST Robotics Competition
Time Limit:
60 seconds

Human Limit: 5
2 drivers (all must be students)
3 human assistants (maximum 1 adult)
Submission Limit:

Using any FRC robot(s) and game pieces, make a video of your most awesome Trick Shots!

  1. Teams may use any FRC Robot(s) and Game Piece(s)
      • Not limited to Infinite Recharge robots, feel free to do something cool with any past robot you may have
  2. The intent is for teams to get creative and make some cool shots with your robot that’ll make jaws drop!
  3. Examples include (but are not limited to):
      • Longest possible made shot (Set up outside if you want to go for real distance)
      • Fastest release of 5 Power Cells
      • Shots in the inner portal while on the move
      • Bounce shots off of field elements into the goal 
      • Shots from the top of a stairwell into a goal at the bottom
      • Shoot a drone out of the air!
  4. Be creative! If you don’t have a goal, it’s okay to do some wicked bounce shots into garbage cans, lockers, or whatever else you can think
      • Watch some professional Trick Shot videos on YouTube for some inspiration
      • Don’t be afraid to be bold!
  5. Set the video to music to add to the energy and hype
      • Think of videos that have gone viral on various platforms. See if you can match that energy!
  6. While we want you to be creative, all actions must be safe. Please use your common sense when partaking in this challenge, and never put any participant at risk!
  7. Videos are limited to 60 seconds, but there’s no limit to the amount of Trick Shots
      • You could do one Trick Shot and show multiple angles and speeds
      • You could do multiple Trick Shots edited together
  8. Entries to be judged based on difficulty of shot(s), overall skill, creativity, and videography