FIRST Robotics Competition Java Tutorials – CanCode

As part of the CanCode program and with the support of Microsoft Canada, we’ve created a complete FIRST Robotics Competition Java tutorial series to get you started for this years’ game. The tutorials will teach you the basics of programming starting from your first drive commands to using sensors! Please note that the following videos use the Command Based Model (Commands and Subsystems). Thank you to Kouthar Waled for the production of this video series.
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Tutorial 1 - Getting to Know the FRC Java Programming Environment

Tutorial 2 - Making a Simple Drivetrain

Tutorial 3 - Making the Drive Command

Tutorial 4 - Creating a Drive Forward on Timeout Autonomous Command

Tutorial 5 - Using Motors for a Robot Subsystem

Tutorial 6 - An Introduction to Pneumatics

Tutorial 7 - Introduction to Encoders

Tutorial 8 - Ultrasonic Sensors