Community Board

FIRST Canada teams are doing incredible things in the community! We want to share those initiatives.

The community board is an online space dedicated to FIRST Canada team initiatives they wish to share. We challenge you to create an engaging promotional image of your initiatives and follow the steps below to submit. Your image will link to the URL you provide. All submissions will be subject to review for content and appropriateness. All posts should be celebrating the spirit of gracious professionalism (those that are not, will not be posted on our inspiring community board).

To submit a post, please read the submission guidelines first.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please keep the post content concise and clear
  • Attach at least one (1) image
    • Image size is maximum 1000 x 1000 px
  • Include a direct URL to your posted resource

The Coop

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3D Printing

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3D Printing Equipment

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Donate Goggles

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SHEP Art Contest

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