Judging Registration and Information

Judging Registration and Information


Step 1

Register yourself in the FIRST Volunteer Portal.

Then select FLL Event category. Province: Ontario.  

From the list of Ontario FLL Events

Then select judge’s role.

Here’s a video tutorial covering these steps in Step 1.

Step 2

Pass the  Youth Protection Program (YPP). Police Record Check. You must pass this step to get a prompt for Judges Certification. It takes about 1 or 2 days and then an email will be sent to you indicating you passed.

Step 3

Complete the Judge Training and Process On-Line:  

You need to do FLL1 and FLL1C for general training/certification and then ONE of the other sets of training/certification based on what role you are assigned to for your event.

  • FLL1 (General Judge Training) AND FLL1C (General Judge Certification)

AND (any one below)

  • FLL2 (Core Values Judge Training) AND FLL2C (Core Values Judge Certification)
  • FLL3 (Project Judge Training) AND FLL3C (Project Judge Certification)
  • FLL4 (Robot Design Judge Training) AND FLL4C (Robot Judge Certification)

Click here to view a video tutorial on accessing Training

Note: Judges Training Information will only appear if you’ve passed through the YPP screening and then have been assigned as a judge.   

Last Updated On October 15, 2018