FIRST LEGO League Team Blast #10

FIRST LEGO League Team Blast #10

Dear FLL Coaches,

It has been weeks or months since you embarked on this FLL journey with your teams and the first of 28 Ontario Qualifying Tournaments is now less than a week away! Good luck to teams competing in Kingston on Saturday, November 16. Please continue to reach out with questions or concerns in the days and weeks leading up to your tournaments and good luck with final preparations for your events.

  1. Coach Screening
  2. Robot Game: Tips and Updates
  3. Student Registration & Team Roster
  4. FLL Team Timeline
    • Core Values
    • Innovation Project
    • Robot Design


  • Coach Screening – Teams must have TWO screened coaches in order to be eligible to compete at a regional qualifying tournament so if you have not done so already, it is really important for both coaches to complete the screening process without further delay. Please click HERE to watch a video that describes the process and please let us know if you need any help.
  • Robot Game: Tips & Updates – Thank you to FIRST Senior Mentor, Heather Kelso, for creating & sharing this awesome and informative recording of the “FLL Ask the Referee North Bay & Sudbury 2019” referee review, in which Head Referee, Darcy Wallingford, provides a extremely in-depth overview of the Robot Game. Teams could learn a lot from watching this recording but if you don’t have time to view the whole thing, here are some highlights (thanks also to Heather and Darcy for these):
    • Your robot must return COMPLETELY to home – NOT to Launch Area (**This is a major change from previous year’s rules**)
    • You must START in the Launch area but must RETURN to the Home area.
    • There is A LOT of EASY points that a team can get from Mission 12 Design & Build
    • You only get 10 points per circle for colour match (not per level)
    • You are allowed to complete Mission 13 Sustainability Upgrades and Mission 11 Innovative Architecture at the same time as Mission 12 Design & Build
    • You can leave attachments on the field without penalty (Lose a Precision Token)
    • You can leave your robot on the field at the end of the match without penalty (Lose a Precision Token)
    • If ALL of your Equipment fits in the  Small Inspection and is under 12” high, you get 5 points added to each Mission where you score ANY points.
    • Be sure your Robot and any Jigs start 100% in the Launch area
    • Be sure your technicians do not bump the tables at the competition.
    • Read the updates to see if any will effect your team
    • Remember to have FUN!
  • Student Registration & Team Roster – Please finish adding students to the team roster. Click HERE for a video that explains how to invite parents to register their children for your team. The information at this LINK explains the registration process to parents but please note that anyone without access to a computer or email can instead complete the printable consent form (available through your dashboard in the FIRST Portal).
  • FLL Team Timeline – These are just some guidelines to help you stay on track and to prepare for your tournament, the first of which is only 1 week away! For a more detailed description of recommended weekly tasks please refer to the Team Meeting Guide. You may also wish to consult the FIRST Steps Curriculum or the FLL Beginner’s Guide for alternative season planning resources.
    • Core Values:
      • Remind team members to demonstrate the Core Values at all times while attending a tournament
      • Review rubrics to ensure that team members understand how they will be judged at the tournament
      • Invite students to participate in a 5-minute teamwork activity and practice answering sample questions like the ones judges might ask
    • Robot Design:
      • Try to meet 100% of robot game related goals most of the time and run and score timed practice matches
      • Finish preparing and rehearse the Robot Design Executive Summary (RDES) and practice answering sample questions like the ones the judges might ask
      • Use the rubrics and the Robot Design Summary in the Appendix of the Team Meeting Guide to self-assess the team’s presentation
      • Conduct timed matches to practice repositioning and changing attachments between missions
    • Innovation Project:
      • Make sure that the team is comfortable with their presentation and that they can consistently set up and present in 5 minutes.
      • Review rubrics to ensure that team members understand how they will be judged at the tournament
      • Practice answering sample questions like the ones the judges might ask

Missed last week’s recommended tasks? View them at the following link:

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the success of your team. GO TEAMS!

Last Updated On November 12, 2019