For several years now the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. have hosted a Yahoo Group called “W.A.F.F.L.E.S. and Friends“.  We use this forum to keep coaches up to date on local happenings as well as a forum for mentoring other teams.  Please feel free to join our Yahoo Group.

For information on local events you can visit our Kingston Robotics Web Site.

Several members of our FLL team kept busy this summer creating a fun resource for teams we would like to share!  Download our free FLL LapBook.   It’s a fun, interative way to learn about FIRST.  It’s customizable too.

FLL Video Tutorials for EV3

Brought to you courtesy of W,A.F.F.L.E.S. Community Robotics.  We would very much appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Basic Programming

Session 1 – EV3 Programming Environment Tutorial

Session 2 – EV3 Programming:  Move Blocks

Session 3 – EV3 Programming:  Display, Sounds, and Lights

Session 4 – EV3 Programming:  Start and Wait Blocks

Session 5 – EV3 Programming:  Putting it All Together (Beginner)

Session 6 – EV3 Programming:   An Ode to Simplicity

Session 7 – EV3 Programming:  Comments

Session 8 – EV3 Programming:  Loops and Switches

Session 9 – EV3 Programming:  Wires

Session 10 – EV3 Programming:  Touch Sensor

Session 11 –  EV3 Programming:  Motor “Stuff”!

Session 12 – EV3 Programming:  Brick Buttons

Session 13 – EV3 Programming:  Light Sensor

Session 14 – EV3 Programming: Ultrasonic Sensor

Session 15 – EV3 Programming: Gyro

Session 16 – EV3 Programming: More Sensors


Advanced Programming

Session 17- EV3 Programming: Putting it Together (Intermediate)

Session 18 – EV3 Programming:  Arrays

Session 19 – EV3 Programming: Logic Operations and Math

Session 20 – EV3 Programming: Round and Compare Blocks

Session 21 – EV3 Programming: Range, Text, and Random Blocks

Session 22 – EV3 Programming: Putting it Together (The Red Pallet)

Session 23 – EV3 Programming: My Blocks

Session 24 – EV3 Programming: Timer


Expert Level Programming

Session 26:   EV3 Programming: Inverted and Unregulated Motor Block

Session 27:  27- EV3 Programming: Raw Sensor Value and Stop Blocks


FLL Project Resources

FLL Project (Inventioneers)


FLL Robot Construction Resources

Darren Wilson’s EV3 Resources


Other Resources

EV3 Lessons

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