Recommendations and Submission Information for Teams

 Recommendations and Submission Requirements                         Prizes                            Judges                 Challenges
  • These challenges are intended to be fun STEM activities for teams to work on. While teams are eager to compete hard, please remember that safety is the top priority. Teams must follow all local public health guidelines, especially with respect to masks and physical distancing. No exceptions. This is not an area where you should be bending or breaking any rules. If your team can’t find a way to participate in some of these challenges because of the local public health guidelines, that’s okay! There are still lots of challenges that can be worked on virtually! This is specifically why we created so many options. Remember, as FIRST teams we always want to display role model behaviour!”
  • Consider having individuals each film a short segment of an entry, then work together virtually to edit them all into one video. This way you can stay safe and distanced while still participating!”
  • Consider working outdoors when possible to increase ventilation
  • Minimize the number of people working on the challenge at once to help ensure proper distancing
  • Humans should never contact a robot while the robot is being operated!
  • You must fill out this Google Form  in order to officially submit your entry 
  • All videos must be uploaded to either a public Instagram or YouTube account
  • All entries must use the hashtag #RechargeYourBot in the video description
  • All submissions on Instagram must tag @firstroboticscanada #RechargeYourBot
  • All submissions are due by November 30th, at 11:59 pm!
  • All videos must adhere to the time limit based on challenges.
  • The video or video description must include the Team Name and Number
  • Submissions are open to any current or past FRC Team in Canada
  • For The Power Cell Challenge, the video AND description must include the total score and scoring breakdown
    • E.g. Inner Portal = 20 balls = 60 points
    •        Outer Portal = 20 balls = 40 points
    •        Bottom Portal = 1 ball = 1 point
    •        Total = 101 points
    • For The Sprint Challenge, the video AND description must include the sprint time
  • Teams are responsible for choosing music and properly crediting the creators such that they comply with all YouTube/Instagram rules
      • i.e. Make sure your choice of music doesn’t get your video muted or taken down by YouTube!

FIRST Canada reserves the right to feature any challenge entries on our various social media platforms, web shows or sponsor platforms.