How to run your teams during COVID-19

As schools do their best to figure out how to reopen, we know you are eager to understand how you’ll participate in the 2020/2021 season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate that teams will encounter unique challenges during the FIRST® GAME CHANGER powered by Star Wars: Force for Change: season and are here to provide support and guidance for navigating these scenarios. Prior to participating in events, teams will meet in-person or virtually in small groups to build their robot and work on their projects and award applications. We strongly encourage teams to follow social distancing guidance as determined by their local authorities.

The below guides allows for an à la carte series of options for the FIRST Programs to better accommodate you this season and allow your students to continue to get the most out of their FIRST experience. We hope this guide will help provide suggestions and options, but it is intentionally not prescriptive; considerations for what is best for your local situation should be prioritized. Local health and safety regulations and guidance should precede any of the recommendations in this guide.

FIRST Tech Challenge (for Teams)

FIRST Tech Challenge (for Class Packs)