FIRST Senior Mentor Spotlight Melissa Douglas

We are excited to share some of Melissa’s stories about being a FIRST Senior Mentor and how she spends some of her free time since COVID-19 hit.

Q: What is your role as a FIRST Senior Mentor (FSM)? 

Melissa: My role as an FSM is to work with all the program leads to assist them as needed, as well,  I help teams through the FIRST systems, educate others about FIRST and help at events.

Q: What sorts of responsibilities do you have in your role

Melissa: I’ve done many roles from Tournament Directing to selling swag with Swagman Paul. I’ve worked with coaches struggling with their teams, assisted new tournament directors running their first FIRST Event and organized and ran a few week-long Showcase events at The Ontario Science Center. I’ve also handled various roles not covered through the Tournament Director for behind the scenes of events like both the FLL and FRC Kickoffs, The Ontario Innovation Celebration and FLL Provincials.

Q: What do you do outside of FIRST 

Melissa: I have a full-time job that’s keeping me pretty busy now with COVID-19. We are a niche market outsourcing company for a very specific part of the Banking Industry. 

Q: Coolest thing or experience with FIRST

Melissa: Ohh so many….. EVERY single event, I love getting to know all the volunteers and seeing their passion, I love to watch the excitement with all the kids and students and to watch the amazement on the parents’ faces the first time they see how big these events are.

Q: What are your hobbies? 

Melissa: I love to read and travel but with travel on hold I’ve recently taken up hiking.

Melissa and her husband