The Power Cell Challenge

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FIRST Robotics Competition
Time Limit:
60 second video, 45 seconds for the actual challenge

Human Limit: 5
2 drivers (all must be students)
3 human assistants (all must be students)
Submission Limit:

In 45 seconds earn as many Power Cell points as possible by scoring Power Cells into a regulation sized Power Port. A Power Port consists of a Bottom Port, Inner Port, and Outer Port. Robots may use any combination of Driver and Autonomous controls.

  • Tip: Utilize your coding skills to optimize your efficiency during the challenge, especially when it comes to closed loop control of your shooter!
  1. Standard Infinite Recharge scoring applies, i.e.
      • Bottom Port = 1 Point
      • Outer Port = 2 Points
      • Inner Port = 3 Points
  2. There is no requirement for using a full field. Any sort of mockup of the Power Port is allowed, as long as the dimensions are approximately within regulation.
  3. Robots may run on any surface (carpet, flooring, asphalt, grass, etc.)
  4. Teams must use an Infinite Recharge Robot and Infinite Recharge Power Cells
  5. There is no distance requirement. Teams may shoot/dump from wherever they like
  6. All standard Infinite Recharge Size and Weight rules apply
  7. Teams may only possess 5 Power Cells at any one time, including at the start of the challenge (i.e. a robot can be preloaded with 5 Power Cells)
  8. Teams may only use a total of 5 Power Cells throughout the challenge
  9. Power Cells that have been scored may be re-introduced to the “field” by a maximum of 3 team members during the challenge
  10. Team members may re-introduce Power Cells at any time during the Challenge, however they must be introduced at least ~2m away from the Robot
  11. Team members may not touch the Robot during the Challenge
  12. While staff, volunteers, and judges will review the videos, we ask that teams practice Gracious Professionalism to ensure that all scores are counted fairly and that all rules are enforced
  13. The team with the highest legal score will be declared the winner