The Sprint Challenge

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FIRST Robotics Competition
Time Limit:
As fast as possible

Human Limit: 2
2 drivers (all must be students)
Submission Limit:
1 submission only

Teams have their FRC Robots to drive a 54’ linear distance (length of an FRC field) as fast as possible! Robots may use any combination of Driver and Autonomous controls.
Tip: Utilize your coding skills to optimize your efficiency during the challenge, especially when it comes to keeping your robot on a straight path!

  1. Robots must cover a displacement of 54’ from start to finish
  2. Robots may run on any surface (carpet, flooring, asphalt, grass, etc.)
  3. Teams should make clearly visible start and finish lines that are 54’ apart
  4. Teams may use any FRC legal robot, that fits within the Size and Weight rules of that robot’s season
  5. Team members may not touch the Robot during the Challenge
  6. While staff, volunteers, and judges will review the videos, we ask that teams practice Gracious Professionalism to ensure that all times are recorded and reported accurately
  7. The team with the fastest legal time will be declared the winner